Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Christmas Present...

Meet Jack. The newest member of my family. Sure, he has fur and four legs and a tail and really sharp teeth, but he is my baby. In the month that we have had him, he has become the prince of the Jennings home. I wait on him hand and foot---gladly.

He is actually more like a puppy. I found his stash of pencils, straws, hair ties and stuffed fish under my bed.

Our newest family photo taken on Tim's birthday-New Years. I tried to get Jack to wear a hat, but the attemp was highly unsuccessful. He ate it. :(

He poses so well for a little bitty boy....
Please be warned...there will be much, much more.


This is for real...one of my favorite families ever. They really love each other and the kids are AMAZING! And the parents? Honestly, Don is great and I will forever envy Mary for her SuperMom abilities. Here they are!